Map of Life - Metal World Map

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Map of Life - Metal Wall Art, This stunning Map of Life will turn your home into a haven of tranquility & happiness. It was created with pure and simple lines in the tradition of less is more. It seamlessly blends into any room of your choosing. It's a symbol of balance & harmony.

  • Blow your guests away with your new metal world map.
  • Looks beautiful on patterned wall paper, deep tonal paints and walls.
  • Handmade: Metal (textured, black dyed).
  • Size: 101 x 70 cm (39.7" x 27.5 inches) - 131 x 95cm (51" x 37" inches).
  • The product stands 1 cm from the wall (suitable for indoor & outdoor).
  • 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy to install: Simply hang each of the two pieces of the product with a single nail from the hanging attachment on the back.

Metal World Map – an innovative & eye-catchy décor

Are you looking for something creative to be showcased on your wall? Do you want your space to give an attractive look?

Let us introduce you to a metal world map, which will add a new dimention to your house’s interior design look.

Metal Map of The World
This metal map of the world is handmade with ultimate neatness that will make your indoor or any outdoor space spectacular! Be it your living room, dining room, tv lounge, kitchen, or your office; this metal world map is a fabulous decoration item.

Metal World Map Décor
Wall décor can be done by using simple cards or paints. But a wall décor in a diversified style is just exceptional. If you make this metal map of the world a part of your wall, it gives a unique look, which becomes a focal point wherever you hang it!

Metal World Map Wall Art
It’s a wall decoration piece that requires no special tools to get it fixed over your wall. Hang this metal world map at the entrance of your office or home, and this will blow out the minds of your guests. You can make it a part of your garden without the fear of rust. This world map wall art is made up of metal. Yet, it has been covered with a layer of paint that protects it from any damage. The black metallic color looks prominent over textured wallpapers or light colors.

A must-have for travel enthusiasts
If you are a travel lover, this metal world map décor hanged in your living room will remind you about the places you have visited, and you wanted to visit. If you have traveled a lot with your family and your pictures are the part of a drawer. Just a fantastic idea, paste in your pictures around this metal world map wall art, and this will give a perfect display.

Easy to handle and install on wall
This product can be a great gift idea on the occasions of Christmas, anniversary, or birthdays for your family or friends. Hanged on their wall will remind them about your affection.

Just a single nail will work, and that too gets invisible after mounting this metal world map over your wall. For secure handling of this metal world map décor, this product comes in two pieces. You can assemble these pieces yourself in no time before showcasing it over your wall. North, West, East, and South embedded on this, metal world map, do create imagery of traditional style. At the same time, this piece of metal is so simple yet elegant to symbolize the world map.

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