Freedom - Metal Wall Art

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Northshire - Metal Wall Art

- Material: 2 mm metal

- Dimensions from left to right;
  28cm x 23cm/29cm x 32cm/33cm x 32cm/30cm x 41cm

- Dimensions from left to right;

   11'' x 9'' Inches/ 11.4'' x 12.5'' Inches/ 12.9'' x 12.5'' Inches/ 11.8'' 16.1'' Inches

- Color: Textured, Black Dyed

- Packing: Sturdy box suitable for transport and gift.

- You can hang each of the pieces of the product with a single nail from the hanging     attachment on the back.

- The product stands 1 cm from the wall.

- Easily hangable product doesn't need any additional mounting process.

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